3rd of April was an exciting day for most talented girls and boys in Blackfox as they got to meet a designer whose story was so inspirational to all those looking to pursue designing in Tanzania. Kulwa Mkwandule is a Tanzanian designer whom in just his third year into his designing career has already won one of the best awards in the country. His interest in designing started when he worked at a local fashion store Mr Price as the merchandiser.

Kulwa, very open and transparent about what he felt about the industry, and how appreciative he was towards Blackfoxs role during his career, he emphasised a lot on the fact that it will need a lot of hard work,and professionalism for a model to make it in Tanzania.

He urged the models to  be as professional as possible and this will bring a positive picture to the rest of the african countries where fashion and modelling is seen as a something that has a little bit of hooganilsm, not very transparent according to some parents.



Models Training

The training involved Mr Kulwa as a guest speaker into the models meet up, Some models also got to sign the contracts with Blackfox on the day which was a great achievement. The total number of models who have signed contracts with models now ads up to 20.





Blackfox Models Africa is a talent agency with headquarters in Dar es salaam Tanzania. The agency believes in recruiting talented young males and females and offers free training for their growth in the fashion industry as a well as works to ensure they get bookings with the top campaigns in the country. The agency is looking to work with other world top model agencies to be the mama agency for the models who can be contracted abroad by them.

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