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This book will help all those looking to kick off their modelling careers with lots of picture guidance.
It has been authored by our Managing Director Miss Aj Mynah who has put down her 10 years knowledge of the modelling industry from the african perspective.

The book is great for all those looking to persue modelling ,also the families of any youth who are models for thier own knowdledge.
The book can be found at
1. Novel Idea Bookshop at Slipway Dar es salaam
2.Ally Rhemtullah Shop Dar es salaam
3. Jafferji Gallery and Boutique Zanzibar
4. Catalunia Barbershop Zanzibar

On on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/YOU-WANT-PROFFESIONAL-MODEL-Beginners-ebook/dp/B07W4W8ZHY/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=do+you+want+to+be+a+proffesional+model+book&qid=1567249711&s=gateway&sr=8-1


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We thank all the Models who gave wholeheartedly to help our fellow sisters and brothers in turmoil. We were able to visit the children of Chakuwama in Sinza, Dar es salaam, the recovering addicts at Sober house in Kigamboni and also children in police detention in Upanga. We also thank Friends of Blackfox Models Africa who collaborated with us in this . Listed below:
From these visits we had such a great time, inspiring and being inspired. We have decided to continue this ini


CP1_3169 due to severe law cases against them.
We are launching an exhibition on 25th to raise more funds for the requests we got from these visits,


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Blackfox Models Africa Founder noticed that models in Africa dont take fitness seriously therefore requested models to meet at the most famous beach coco beach, where models were split in groups to compete in fitness activities,
A team called WINNING Team won!! Suprise suprise, and Models won gifts that The Managing Director was going to buy them from Arusha in her next trip!

IMG-20170904-WA0002 IMG-20170904-WA0003


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JUNE MODELS MEETUP was a success! its always amazing to meet such inspirational fabolous boys and girls. And massive thanks to IRENE LA VEDA for agreeing to come and talk to our team for our inspirational session. Also ModelFifi Who is also an amazing Make up artist gave small tips on daily make up to fellow models. Training sessions to commence in July. Watch this space!IMG-20170620-WA0000

IMG-20170620-WA0002 june meeting makeup training (1)


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Blackfox Models were very priviledged to visit the crippled girls at jangwani girls sec school for an inspirational session with them with emphasis to work on their talents.
We found out they have soo much talents, there were designers, singers and models in the group.
It was such an honor to meet these girls, and we had our girls and boys really inspired.
We had a few goodies for the girls, it was a great session that their teachers asked us to back again for a proper session with them.
We were informed that the critical help that the school needs is a bajaj or a means of transport to take them to hospital whenever they get sick. We are currently looking for sponsors to help out buy a bajaj for jangwani girls.

IF YOU Would like to join us in our next charity visit of inspiration contact us at +2557141313IMG-20170505-WA0001

IMG-20170505-WA0003 IMG-20170505-WA0004 IMG-20170505-WA0045

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Our massive thanks goes to the biggest photographer and drone pilot in Tanzania MOIZ HUSSEIN and TV1 Crew for blessing our meeting with amazing words of advice to the Models. Models have been inspired and we believe they are not the same after the speech from Angela , the Producer of Life&style proggramme at TV1.

Our venue hosts were the amazing Terrace Restaurant at Slipway and Paparazzi lounge & club at slipway.

website 2website 3website
ecobank models

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Proffesionalism had to be at the forefront when Blackfox Models had to usher the biggest event for Ecobank earlier this week.
The suits we made and designed by our own blackfox Designer Bazzi, and the Make up artist and hair stylist was our own Model Fifi.

WE HAD A BLAST, and we thank ECOBANK AFRICA for trusting us on this.

ecobank modelsecobank models 2

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It was with great honor to have amazing guests who all turned up at the Last event for 2016 with the theme – Stand Tall, Stand African which was done at the Golden Tulip Hotel by the Pool

The event started with remembering our fellow model who unfortunately was raped and killed, and we hope to be able to spread out awareness about this bad bad trend in Tanzania semi urban areas.

Then there was entertain ment from Blackfox Own singers Model Mercy and Model Sabby, and the guitarists being Model Daniel and also Model Sophie.

The designers for the event were all from blackfox but we also included guest designers like Manyatta and also Sam Zebedayo.



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Dar es salaam experienced another new style of event, trendy and the most coolest people had ever seen.
This was a party by the pool, with house music and off course Blackfox Designers showcased their hottest swimwear outfits to the crowd during the crowd.
The pool was open for all to swim, and some guests plunged into the pool….
Guest designers included Manyatta house of accessories and Sam , an upcoming male designer.
The next event is being cooked….watch this space.



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Earlier this week, Blackfox Models Africa house was filled with Models from allover Dar es salaam, who came to try out their chance in the casting for an upcoming zanzibar fashion show, It was very exciting for both the newbies and the experienced Models. Nadia from Nadia Beauty house was also present to select models who will be taken to zanzibar, all expenses paid for the fashion event.

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Amazing talents in Arusha , Blackfox Team were amazed on how the many young and girls had soo many talents especially in the fashion and arts industry. Casting was done at the Tulia Boutique hotel & spa which is on the outskirts of Arusha City.This was done on 15th August 2016. We aim to do the next casting in Mwanza before the year ends.

We thank all those who turned up, and we are sooo excited to work with the new faces that we scouted from Arusha!

to post1 group photo to post 3


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Once every year , Blackfox Models Africa have vowed to be throwing one to the biggest VIP Parties in Africa. This was clearly stated by Miss Aj Mynah, the Managing Director of Blackfox.
On 16TH July 2016, Blackfox Team threw an amazing VIP Party at the 5* Double tree Hotel, which included entertainment from An Italian Singer, Umberto, The jazz and soul singer Annete , one of the trendiest DJ in Capetown DJ Malibu, and offcourse to top it up, the guests were treated with a sunset fashion show at the Jetty ,(Never done before in Tanzania) which showcased amazing designs from the Designers in Blackfox Models africa, and a accesories collection from Manyatta.

Attendes included CEOs from the Top Tanzanian companies, and also the fashionistas, it was a great mix of a crowd.

Heres a link to the Video of the event!


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These are some of the key things that models who would like to do promotional work will need to have.


Most companies will always go for models that have good looks, therefore its very important you know how to keep yourself.Some models often feel like its (discrimination) but thats just how it is. You will need to deal with it.


You will need o show up on time and as required by the client, dress accordinngly. You should know what you are selling, and never get drunk at the venue.
You should be very respectful and kind to the management and staff, get along with everybody and be approachable and liked by the clients and customers.


Some promotional models are not brand ambassadors. You need to train in raising brand awareness. This means you need to create a positive image and possibly a relationship with the consumer even if that person will not commit an immediate purchase.

You will need to sell as much if required but without pissing people off. Dont ever bully people into buying your product on the event!


Some models love working at bars, clubs , concert venues and festivals. Some love working at retail venues . Some products involves giving away a lot of freebies especially the non alcoholic ones, and some you are to give as little sampling as possible for the biggest amount of sales.

You can not choose, you need to adapt to which ever product or venue that is available at the moment.


No matter how sweet and cute you are, not matter how many keychains ,samples and coupons you have, some people jusy dont want to talk to you. This is normal.

Just take it as another learning, and dont get depressed about it. And move on to the next client.
All in all, in summary promotional models in Africa especially, need to be goodlooking, smart, and also should be able to handle work in a pressured enviroment.
promotional girls for cocacola

(Picture: Blackfox promotional models in a recent Coca cola campaign in Tanzania )


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3rd of April was an exciting day for most talented girls and boys in Blackfox as they got to meet a designer whose story was so inspirational to all those looking to pursue designing in Tanzania. Kulwa Mkwandule is a Tanzanian designer whom in just his third year into his designing career has already won one of the best awards in the country. His interest in designing started when he worked at a local fashion store Mr Price as the merchandiser.

Kulwa, very open and transparent about what he felt about the industry, and how appreciative he was towards Blackfoxs role during his career, he emphasised a lot on the fact that it will need a lot of hard work,and professionalism for a model to make it in Tanzania.

He urged the models to  be as professional as possible and this will bring a positive picture to the rest of the african countries where fashion and modelling is seen as a something that has a little bit of hooganilsm, not very transparent according to some parents.



Models Training

The training involved Mr Kulwa as a guest speaker into the models meet up, Some models also got to sign the contracts with Blackfox on the day which was a great achievement. The total number of models who have signed contracts with models now ads up to 20.





Blackfox Models Africa is a talent agency with headquarters in Dar es salaam Tanzania. The agency believes in recruiting talented young males and females and offers free training for their growth in the fashion industry as a well as works to ensure they get bookings with the top campaigns in the country. The agency is looking to work with other world top model agencies to be the mama agency for the models who can be contracted abroad by them.