By joining Blackfox Models Africa, our talented team is given training for the below skills, of which we feel its an investment to grow their career that will be valuable even if they have other careers running in their lives.


Blackfox Academy runs bi monthly classes that teach about modelling in different fields.


We always get different instructors to give our models tips on the below to help them in their daily model lives.


Practical Make-up/Beauty Sessions
Posture and Body language
Fashion and Wardrobe
Personal Grooming
Hair Care and Styling
Social and Business Etiquette
Speech Enhancement
Communication Skills
Health and Emotional Well-Being
Job Interview and Résumé Writing



Catwalk Lessons and Runway Training

We train catwalk & runway lessons once a month and we work to ensure the model:
  • Learn the latest trends in runway/fashion parades
  • End up walking like a professional model
  • learm choreographed routines, model turns and perfecting the model walk
  • participate in a real fashion parade!


Television Modelling Training

Our commercial model training is for the models who want to do video commercials or generally become presenters or co presenters, we cover
  • Hands-on workshops in television hosting and presenting
  • Television commercials
  • Preparation for television auditions, screen tests and castings


Modelling Tips and Industry Overview

For the non blackfox models and freelance models, for those who are just curious to learn some tips we offer the below:
  • Individual direction on how to prepare for a career as a professional model
  • How to prepare portfolios and composite cards
  • Do’s and don’ts of modelling
  • An insight into showroom and promotional modelling
  • Knowledge required to get started in the modelling industry for the newbies
  • Learn all the latest and most useful modeling tips


Model Make-up

Our make up classes cover the below, this also helps those who want to be models on simple daily  make up as a model
  • Learn how to apply professional model make-up, suitable for future modelling jobs
  • Contouring and shading techniques taught by a professional make-up artist


Photographic Workshops

We always invite photographers to give their training/tips for models to
  • Learn how to move, pose and be photographed to ensure the best results
  • Participate in a professional photographic session (an ideal start for your portfolio)


For non Blackfox Models who would like to attend the trainings as a one off for a fee please email us at
Blackfox would like to thank our partners who have been involved in our academy for inspiring and training these models.